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Flowers By Number

Title: Flowers By Number
Author: David Shapiro
Illustrations: Hayley Vair
Publisher: Craigmore Creations
ISBN: 9780984442287


Do you have a child who loves learning about nature and flowers? Your beginner readers will love Flowers By Number. Readers will learn various flowers, the regions they grow in and their Latin names. Twinflower grows in the north woods and mountain forests and are also referred to as Linnaea borealis. Trillium, flowers have a uniqueness about them, they have 3 petals, 3 bracts, 3 leaves and their name is based on 3. Beautiful illustrations show young readers exactly what these flowers look like. The back of the book allows readers to count the flowers again. Parents, nature lovers and teachers will love this showcase of flowers and where they can be found. Readers will definitely learn a lot more than counting.

Goosebumps Most Wanted - How I Met My Monster

Goosebumps Most Wanted: How I Met My Monster
R.L. Stine

Noah Bienstock, better know as Bean, has a strange and recurring underwater dream of a monster pulling him deeper into it's depths every night. He even finds himself, especially when under stress, having this same dream during the day. His mother thinks the dream occurs because he is worried about the swim tryouts. But, Bean and his best friend Lissa know its because of Harlan, the big ugly bully of the school and his constant pushing, shoving and confiscating of lunch money. It has turned Bean into a quivering mess. When the new neighbor kid Monroe shows up, things begin to feel even more strange for Bean. You see, Monroe has no problem standing up to Harlan, but with a little convincing from Bean he does back down. In his anger, Monroe decides to run it off to calm himself down. From a distance Bean can see fur and fangs. Could his new found friend and neighbor be a real monster? Is this the dream that Bean should now consider a warning? It will be up to him to find the courage and confront the monster.

Stine has created another amazing tale of horror and intrigue any young reader can sink their teeth into. If parents and teachers are having trouble getting boys interested in reading, this story is a real attention grabber. Vivid imagery sets the tone for a fun and fast paced read.

BIBLIO:2013, Scholastic, Ages 8 to 12, $6.99.
REVIEWER:Kristi Bernard
FORMAT: Middle Grade
ISBN: 9780545418003


Bridges and Tunnels - Investigate Feats of Engineering

Bridges and Tunnels: Investigate Feats of Engineering
Donna Latham

The building of bridges and tunnels is a fascinating feat for engineers. Young readers curious about how these man made monstrosities are built will learn all about them. An engineer is a person who uses science and math to build. Some of the tools they use to draw an idea are levels, planes, protractors and geometry. Young readers will learn all the terminology engineers use every day. Each page has a “words to know” box that explains definitions for any young reader can easily understand. The “did you know” box shares fun facts about how engineers use their keen insights to avoid disasters.

The history of bridges and tunnels can also be found along with the workers stories and how they survived and died building these massive projects. In the case of many bridges, readers will learn how war, wind, fire and ice have caused them to collapse. For example: the London Bridge was originally a crude Roman bridge built in 52 CE. The bridge spanned the River Thames in England for centuries, but it fell many times. Experiments are listed with detail instructions so that readers can put what they've learned to the test. Simple structures can be made with things found at home, such as marshmallows and toothpicks. Homemade paper wheels can teach young minds how steam works. Various pages have “notable quotes” which provide inspiration from famous people.

There are 25 different projects in all. The back pages list other books, sites, a glossary and index to help readers find more information about engineering and to become better equipped with the terms used. Teachers and parents will enjoy sharing and learning with this handy tool that will inspire any math or science student.

BIBLIO:2012, Nomad Press, Ages 9 to 12, $15.95.
REVIEWER: Kristi Bernard
FORMAT: Middle Grade
ISBN: 9781936749515

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Adventures of a Kid Magician Book Giveaway

Book Giveaway!Books for boys are always shared here at Kristi's Book Nook. Justin Flom has magic tricks, bullies and even some cool comical illustrations.

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Offer expires 7/27/16

Title: Adventures of a Kid Magician
Author: Justin Flom, Scott Flom & Judy Flom Hill
Illustrations:  Drew Blom
Publisher:  Magical Life, LLC
ISBN:  9780692512562


Zach Taylor was entering the sixth grade for the first time and a new school too. He had been homeschooled and thinks middle school is scary. He encounters a few students who like to pick at him, just a little. Billy Baxter, for example, loves to humiliate him in front of his fellow classmates. But, Zach wins him over with a magic trick involving electricity. Zach’s hilarious adventures have him crushing on girls, sharing his magic tricks, which by the way get him out of several pickles and even impress a few cute girls. Because of his success with magic Zach even manages to make some new friends.

Author Justin Flom based the main character from his magical adventures as a kid. Doodles or sketches with comical undertones bring the characters to life. Secret codes and questions about the chapters will keep readers engaged and having fun while reading. The back of the book introduces the AKM Box which kids can sign up to receive cool magic tricks along with instructions so kids can show off their magical skills. Middle graders can also learn more about Justin Flom’s magical life. Parents and teachers will approve. This is a great read for boys who wouldn’t normally pick up a book.

 Learn more about Justin Flom here:

Justin Flom