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Sports Illustrated Kids: Hockey Then to Wow!

Whether or not you are a fan of hockey this guide will enlighten you to the history of the sport. Who knew hockey was being played over 5000 years ago. Seriously??!!

Title: Sports Illustrated Kids – Hockey Then To Wow! Author:  Sam Page Publisher:  Time Inc. Books ISBN:  9781683300113


Hockey came to life in the British Isles, but became a staple in Canada in the 1870’s. The rules are to skate, hit the puck and score. Of course, it’s a lot more detailed than that. Hockey has evolved and anyone who would like to learn about its history will find plenty of photos showing the progression of the uniform, helmets, pucks and sticks too. Cartoon illustrations share categories and fun facts regarding fans, players and traditions.
Readers will learn about the earliest ice skaters from 5000 years ago. Yes, it’s true! The design of the hockey stick and puck stem from the 1800’s. The hockey sweater has come a long way too with its design. Goal pads, arenas, player origins, goalies and so much m…

Benjamin Franklin's Wise Words

Even today Benjamin Franklin has quotes you can use to get the most out of life.

Title:  Benjamin Franklin’s Wise Words Author: K.M. Kostyal Publisher: Nationals Geographic Kids ISBN:  9781426326998

Courtesy of Media Masters Publicity Benjamin Franklin was a man who explored, invented and was a scientist and a philosopher. He lived a full life and many of his quotes are still used today.
“Without virtue man can have no happiness in this world.”
Basically, we should all do the right thing even when it’s hard. And in the end, we will be happy. This familiar quote was written in the 1760s when fighting broke out between new settlers and the Ottawa and Susque Hannock tribe. Franklin was angry when he heard about the killings. He wrote a pamphlet and stated:
“The guilt will lie on the whole land till justice is done on the murderers.”

This guide is all things Benjamin Franklin.  There are plenty of quotes referencing parenting, happiness, being grateful, pride and many more. Readers will b…

Ball Park Mysteries: Christmas In Cooperstown

Wouldn't it be fun to spend the night at the Hall of Fame?

Title: Ball Park Mysteries – Christmas In Cooperstown Author:  David A. Kelly Illustrations:  Mark Meyers Publisher:  A Stepping Stone Book ISBN:  9780399551925


Mike and Kate belong to a club called Cooperstown Cares. They participate in food, clothing and toy drives. They’ve spent the day at the Hall of Fame wrapping Christmas presents and witness a security guard hiding something suspicious behind a wrapped box. The group had been invited to sleep over at the Hall of Fame. While exploring the museum on their own, Mike discovers that a Honus Wagner card might be a fake. The mystery begins when the kids start to hunt down the real missing card.
Author David A. Kelly has created an interesting story that revolves around baseball trivia and fun facts. Readers who are baseball enthusiasts will enjoy the characters and solving the mystery. The back pages of the book have dug out notes which provide readers with even more ins…

Aliens Get The Sniffles Too!

What do you do when you have the flu?

Little Alien is sick. And sick is extra-terrestrial bad when you have two scratchy throats, five ears that hurt, and three runny noses. Splatch! Sputter! Spurt! Luckily Mama and Daddy Alien have an arsenal of lunar decongestants and meteor showers on hand to make him feel a little better (not to mention a Milky Way milkshake to help the medicine go down). Even so, the family's alien pooch, Mars Rover, can't stand to see his little buddy feeling out of sorts. Can a loyal pup's funny tricks finally coax a smile?

Katy Duffield is the award-winning author of more than twenty-five books for children. She lives in Florida with her husband. To learn more, and to download classroom resources, visit Twitter: @KatyDuffield Check out Katy on Pinterest!

K. G. Campbell is the illustrator of Flora & Ulysses by Kate DiCamillo and the author-illustrator of Lester’s Dreadful Sweaters. He was born in Kenya, raised in Scotland, and…

Animal Planet Adventures: Farm Friends Escape!

The farm animals are escaping from the petting zoo! What should you do?

Title: Animal Planet Adventures - Farm Friends Escape Author:  Gail Herman Publisher:  Time Inc. Books ISBN:  9781618931689


Every summer Sarah and Luke spend time on the farm with their grandparents. This summer will be great because they are working hard to put together a petting zoo for families to visit and pet the animals. They had chosen goats, a cow, bunnies, a chicken and a sheep. They had feed machines and hand washing stations for their visitors. While out preparing the zoo, Sarah noticed a strange boy lurking behind a tree. Neither she or Luke knew who he was. He soon disappeared. The next morning at breakfast the animals had escaped and were running around the farm. Was it the young boy who let the animals out of the zoo or something else? Luke and Sarah would have to solve the mystery.
Animal Planet Adventures are great reads for kids transitioning from picture books to chapter books. The stories ar…

Animal Planet Adventures: Puppy Rescue Riddle

Everybody loves puppies, but do you know how to take care of one?

Title: Animal Planet Adventures – Puppy Rescue Riddle Author:  Catherine Nichols Publisher:  Time Inc. Books ISBN: 9781683300083


Elliott and his family were new to North Carolina and he hadn’t made any new friends yet. When his older brother Sam decided to take him to his job at the animal shelter they ended up with two neighborhood girls, Amy and Kyung from across the street, who asked if they could tag-a-long. The group were excited to meet, feed and play with new puppies at the shelter. But, when bad weather created rising waters, the new team of friends discover they will soon be on a rescue mission to take the puppies to higher ground. When they arrived at the cabin on the hill they soon discovered one puppy was missing. They’re next mission was to find the missing pup.
Animal Planet Adventures provides an interesting and engaging story for kids to read and a great way for young readers to learn about the world…

Space Boy and the Snow Monster

How big do you think the snowmen are on Ice Planet?

Title: Space Boy and the Snow Monster Author: Dian Curtis Regan Illustrations:  Robert Neubecker Publisher:  Boyds Mills Press ISBN:  9781590789575


There is nothing wrong with having a big imagination. Niko certainly has a very large imagination that he uses to pass the time on a very snowy day. Niko and his trusty companion, a dog named Radar, are on a mission to defeat a snow monster, a young girl throwing snowballs. Their adventure takes them into outer-space to planet ice.
Young readers will enjoy the colorful illustrations set up in a comic book form for easy navigation. Sentence structure is basic and easy to read for any beginner. Parents and teachers will enjoy sharing this story that can be interactive and engaging.
Courtesy of Blue Slip Media