Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Shackles From The Deep

The National Geographic Black History Month Author Tour is Celebrating Michael H. Cottman.

Michael Cottman, an award winning author and scuba diver travels the globe to unravel the mystery of the Hnrietta Marie. This historical adventure uncovers some of histories gut wrenching secrets.

Title:  Shackles from the Deep
Author: Michael H. Cottman
Publisher: National Geographic
ISBN:  9781426326639


In 1972 Moe Moliner, and underwater treasure hunter, set his sights on finding the Nuestra Senora de Atocha, a Spanish galleon that sunk in 1622. While searching an area in the Gulf of Mexico he stumbled upon a set of limestone covered shackles. It wasn’t long before divers, treasure salvages, and marine archaeologists were talking about this mysterious shipwreck. It was later discovered that the mysterious ship was the Henrietta Marie.

Pulitzer Prize winning author Michael H. Cottman shares his extra-ordinary journey of history into the slave trade and uncovering the demise of the Henrietta Marie and its precious cargo. Cottman traveled to various countries to meet with professionals who could help him with specific timelines, history and the ships involved in the slave trades. His discovery of slavery was disheartening to him but ultimately gave him the drive to learn and discover everything he could about the captains, weapons and so much more. This fast-paced read is intriguing and readers will be astonished at what they will find within these pages. Parents and teachers will appreciate this books historical references and also, it’s unsurmountable truths.

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Monday, February 20, 2017

Presidents of the United States

It's a book giveaway on President's Day.

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Offer expires 2/24/17

Time for Kids presents Presidents of the United States, a complete survey of our nation's chief executives from George Washington to the newly elected 45th president, Donald Trump. This book invites readers inside the White House to discover fascinating facts about the U.S. comanders-in-chief, their origins, accomplishments, and palce in history. 

Special sections within the book cover the election process, the role of political parties, the White House, our nation's First Ladies, the branches of government, and the role of presidents in the expansion of our nation. There are more than 200 full-color photographs, illustrations, portrait reproductions and maps.

This book was provided to me by Blue Slip Media. Parents and teachers will love this non-fiction guide to get their readers diving into our countries history.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Our Country's Presidents

In celebration of President's Day KBN is sharing a very cool National Geographic guide to the presidents of the United States.

This book will be donated to Avenue of Life.

Title:  National Geographic Our Country’s Presidents
Author: Ann Bausum
Publisher: National Geographic
ISBN:  9781426326851


One by one readers will be introduced to the many presidents that have had a chance to make our country what it is today. It all started when a group of men held a meeting and voted in George Washington, the very first president of the United States.

This guide shares timelines of the presidents in chronological order. Each profile is key to the history of each president including their family background, childhood, education, their careers before the presidency and election highlights. There are reproductions of portraits and photos. Fact boxes are on each page and provide quick reference and insight for nicknames, important dates and landmarks. There are a few dozen page spreads to help with the understanding of U.S. history and the operation of the federal government and also the working of the Electoral College. Reference aids provide summaries of the U.S. election history and information on other resources to help further educate readers about our countries presidents and the election processes.

Parents and teachers will value this guide as a tool for education and general learning. Readers who are intrigued about history and politics will be engaged with the photos and even learning about the children who have spent time in the White House.

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Friday, February 17, 2017

10 Not So Snoozing Monsters

How can anyone get 10 monsters to go to bed and then off to sleep?

Title: 10 Not So Snoozing Monsters
Author:  Traci Osborn
Illustrations:  Traci Osborn
Publisher:  Flint Hills Publishing
ISBN:  9781537782553


Parents know that getting their children to bed and to sleep can sometimes be very tricky. For these 10 monsters, being active during the day also means being active at night, even after their mom tells them all good night. Before bed the monsters brush their teeth and gargle while others floss and cross while waiting to go potty. In the bathtub, monsters flip and drip. Instead of going to sleep 10 monsters jump, creep, peep and shriek. Some even scoot and accidentally on purpose toot. Will these monsters eventually wear themselves out? You’ll have to read this tale to find out.

Author Traci Osborn has devised a fun story for kids who love to count. This rhyming adventure shows colorfully illustrated monsters doing hilarious things. Parents and teachers can use this tool to teach counting and reading with these simple easy to read sentences. Comparing actions of the monsters will make reading helpful to beginning readers.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Spy On History Blog Tour

Mary Bowser was a real spy in the White House! Readers will be challenged to solve the mystery.

For a chance to win answer this question:
“If you could go back to anytime or place in history, where would you put your spy skills to use?”

Please share and use #SpyOnHistory

If you love a great mystery this book will challenge you to solve a mystery while you read the story. Clues are embedded in the illustrations and text. Spycraft materials, including a replica Civil War cipher wheel, some in a sealed envelop in the book. Use both to discover what happeded to Mary Bower's secret diary.

Mary Bowser circa 1900

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Title: Spy On History – Mary Bowser and the Civil War Spy Ring
Author:  Enigma Alberti
Illustrations:  Tony Cliff
Publisher:  Workman Publishing
ISBN:  9780761187394


Mary Bowser was born into slavery but was set free by the Van Lew family of Quakers. Bet Van Lew taught her to read and even sent her to school in Philadelphia. She worked for a few years as a teacher in Liberia. During this time, the state of Virginia claimed themselves as their very own country. They were called The Confederate States of America. Taking action, Bet Van Lew began to create a network of spies in Richmond. When Bet discovered that Jefferson Davis, the president of the Confederacy and his wife were looking for a maid, Mary was asked to be the spy.

Everything Mary overheard she reported back. When she discovered that some papers appeared to have code hidden in them she set out to decipher the hidden messages. Meanwhile, with President Lincoln preparing the Emancipation Proclamation slave owners worried about the millions they had spent on slaves and what would happen if there were no more slaves to work the lands. As General Lee planned to bring Virginia back from the Confederacy talk was spreading that there was a spy within the walls. What would happen to Mary if she were found out? You’ll have to read the story to see.

The story of Mary Bowser is intriguing for any mystery buff. Readers are equipped with the necessary tools to discover and decode a mystery within the pages. Parents and teachers can use this guide for a read-a-loud project or to get readers involved with learning about history.

Author: Enigma Alberti is the nom de plume of a secret cadre of authors who are each writing a book in the Spy on History series.
Illustrator: Tony Cliff is the author and artist behind the New York Times bestselling Delilah Dirk graphic novel series. Find more on Tony at and @TangoCharlie on Twitter.

Available at:

Monday, February 13, 2017

International Book Giving Day

Today is the day to give something away. How about a book?
For a chance to win Quit It please be sure to leave a comment.
Offer ends 2/19/17
Use Hashtag  #bookgivingday

Three simple ways to celebrate International Book Giving Day, 14th February 2017! 

1. Give a Book to a Friend or Relative.
Celebrate International Book Giving Day by giving a child a new, used or borrowed book.
2. Leave a Book in a Waiting Room or Lobby.
Choose a waiting room where kids are stuck waiting and there are few to no good books available. Purchase a good book, and deposit your book covertly or overtly in your waiting room of choice. The goal here is to spread the love of reading to kids, so choose a fun book, nothing controversial.
3. Donate a Book.
Wrap up a box of children’s books that your kids have outgrown and get them in the hands of children who could really use a book or two. Donate your books to your local second hand store, library, children’s hospital, or shelter. Alternatively, donate your books to an organization working internationally to get books in the hands of kids, such as Books for Africa, or support UK children’s hospital charity Readathon. Publisher Book Island will donate one book to their hospital programme for each book sold via their website (14 – 28 February).

Quit It!
Marie Powell
BIBLIO: 2014, Amicus Publishing, Ages 5 to 7, $17.95.
FORMAT: Picture Book
ISBN:  9781607535843

From time to time siblings can be very annoying. In this cute tale one older sister seems to say “Quit it” a lot to her younger sister. Little sister Kit beats her drum in the car. Kit never seems to sit still. Kit also gets into her sisters dance outfit and interrupts her during practice. She tears her sister’s drawings and eats her apple slices. Kit just won’t quit. When Kit’s sister gives her a taste of her own medicine will the pair ever quit?

Author Marie Powell has created a tool beginner readers, parents and teachers will love. Readers will become familiar with word families. Most words will rhyme with the word “it.” This is a fun way to introduce readers to phonics and early literacy skills. The back of the book has a list of words that rhyme with the word “it” that can be found within the story. Colorful illustrations depict the unnerving sister in a hilarious way. Rhyming words are highlighted in green for easy recognition. The front of the book offers suggestions on how to use the book as a positive learning tool.

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day!

Here are some suggested reads to celebrate!