Sunday, February 22, 2015

Book Review: Latke The Lucky Dog

Title: Latke The Lucky Dog
Author: Ellen Fischer
Illustrations: Tiphanie Beeke
Publisher: Kar-Ben Publishing
ISBN: 9780761390398


Zach and Zoe are going to get a new dog from the shelter. One little pup at the shelter wants to make sure they pick him. He danced around and waggled his tail. And sure enough he was picked. The family named him Latke because he was toasty brown. The family was celebrating the first day of Hanukkah. Latke doesn't know the rules of the house. Each day he chewed on something. Zach and Zoe think he may have ruined Hanukkah. When Latke thought he might be on his way back to the shelter, Zach and Zoe present him with something very special.

Author Ellen Fischer shares a heartfelt story of pet adoption young readers will love. The backdrop of the story shows the family celebrating Hanukkah. Colorful illustrations bring to life the scenes and engage readers. Simple sentence structure make for a fun beginner read while children learn about Jewish culture. Parents and teachers can use this tool to open up dialogue about pet adoption and Jewish holidays.

Book Review: Scowl

Tiger Tales Books Presents:A great story for kids to learn about emotions.

Preview it here!

Title: Scowl
Author: Steve Smallman
Illustrator: Richard Watson
Publisher: Tiger Tales Books
Ages: 3 to 7
ISBN: 9781589251557


Everyone can have a bad day from time to time. But, what could the problem be if you were having a bad day every day?

Scowl is an owl who sits alone on his grumpy branch. In Cupcake Wood, it is usually a dreamy, sunny kind of day. All of the other animals in Cupcake Wood were happy and busy singing, reading, and scampering about. Scowl, on the other hand, continued to sit on his grumpy branch. On fowl weather days the animals all seemed to make do and be happy, but not Scowl. He just complained. The animals thought they could cheer him up.

You can wear my Happy Hat!” said Birdy and she twittered, plunking it on Scowl's head. “Get lost!” said Scowl.

The other animals tried singing to him and Bear tried to give him a hug. But Scowl just wanted to be left alone. What do you think would happen if Birdy returned the same sentiment as Scowl? You might be surprised of the outcome.

Author Steve Smallman and illustrator Richard Watson have presented a story that teaches young readers to be kind to one another. Colorful illustrations show a happy community and engages young readers who can learn animals, colors, shapes and most importantly who is happy and who is sad or in this case, grumpy. Parents and teachers will be able to open up dialogue with young readers to discuss emotions. Simple sentences with emphasis on some oversized words make for a fun and easy read. This is also a great read-aloud story for classroom environments.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Book Review: Sadie's Lag Ba'Omer Mystery

Title: Sadie's Lag Ba'Omer Mystery
Author: Jamie Korngold
Illustrations: Julie Fortenberry
Publisher: Kar-Ben Publishing
ISBN: 9780761390480


There are plenty of things to learn about Jewish holidays. But there is a mystery to solve for Sadie and Ori regarding Lag Ba'Omer. It is a Jewish holiday after a full moon. But, Sadie and Ori don't know which holiday or even how to celebrate it. Their Grandpa suggested they solve the mystery on their own. They checked the bookshelves and found books about Rosh Hashanah, Youm Kippur, Sukkot and Simchat Torah. They couldn't find anything about Lag Ba'Omer. They asked around and discovered that some Jewish Holidays are celebrated with campfire songs, bonfires and good food. They continue their search and still didn't find the answer they were looking for. So, they asked Grandpa for help. He told them the story of Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai. Who do you think he was?

Reading and learning about Jewish culture is fun and educational. Colorful illustrations are warm and inviting. Parents and teachers can create activities around this holiday. This is a great story to share in Jewish history and cultural.

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Book Giveaway: My Yellow Balloon

Giant balloons are fantastically fun, bright, shiny, squeaky and bouncy. What would you do with a giant yellow balloon?

Title: My Yellow Balloon
Author: Tiffany Papageorge
Illustrations: Erwin Madrid
Publisher:  Minoan Moon Publishing
ISBN:  9780990337003


Joey loved the carnival and was excited it had finally come to town. He could smell the popcorn and hear the music. When he saw a funny little man with a giant mustache holding a gazillion balloons he was suddenly mesmerized. The balloon man looked at Joey and tied a bright yellow one on Joey’s wrist and soon Joey and his new balloon became inseparable.

Joey and his yellow balloon did everything together. They played trains, cowboys, dominoes and even raced in a wagon. One day the balloon slipped from his wrist and floated away. Joey was devastated and his world lost all of its color. He couldn’t think about anything else but his big yellow balloon. Over time, little by little, his world became a little less gloom. One day he noticed something very special, something bright and yellow, that he had forgotten. Can you guess what it was?

Author Tiffany Papageorge invites children to the world of color. Colorful illustrations depict the mood of the character as he goes from happy to sad and the colors go from bright and cheery to gray and dreary. Parents and teachers will love opening dialogue regarding feelings and emotions with young children.


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