Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Nibbles A Green Tale by Charlotte Middleton

Title: Nibbles A Green Tale
Published by: Marshall Cavendish Corporation
Illustrations by" Charlotte Middleton
ISBN: 978-0-7614-5791-6
Age: 3-7

Charlotte Middleton did a great job of creating her dandilion environment for Nibbles. Kids love to pick dandilions and blow the soft seedlings into the breeze. This is a fun and light hearted story for kids.

Nibbles is a guinea pig who loves to play soccer, but more than anything he loved to eat dandilion leaves. He ate them for breakfast, lunch and dinner and for snacks. The whole town liked to eat them too. But one day, there were no more leaves to eat. Nibbles couldn't even buy them online without a steep price.

One day Nibbles noticed a dandilion leaf growing by a window. He went to the library to see how to grow and take care of it. For all he knew it was the last one in the whole wide world. Finally the dandilion grew until is produced white fluffy seeds. Nibbles carried the dandilion up a hill and blew the seeds all around. Pretty soon little leaves sprouted everywhere and the town munched happily ever after.
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