Thursday, October 7, 2010

Alphabet Woof!

Title: Alphabet Woof!
Author: Sherrie A. Madia
Illustrator: Patrick Carlson
Hardback: 17 pages
Publisher: MommyDaughter Productions
ISBN: 978-0-9826185-0-9
Ages:5 & Up

Alphabet Woof is an exciting fast paced rhyming adventure! When Aunt Mable stops by to visit and prepares one of her special soups, with magic that is, the family finds they are all in for a very special treat. Moxy, the family dog wants some soup too. His jumping about and begging creates a disastrous mess. The soup splashes onto the table and then to the floor, where Moxy laps it up with joy. Alphabet soup is so delicious, even dogs can't resist it.

But something magical and miraculous happens to Moxy. He can speak. No, not regular doggy speak, but actual human speak. Everyone is stunned and surprise. Moxy doesn't stop talking. He voices himself to the family, friends, neighbors and strangers. He just won't stop talking. He talks about his favorite chew toys, places he wants to visit, school and playgrounds. Talk, talk, talk, is all he will do.

Once the press gets a hold of the news of a talking dog, well you can just imagine what happens next. Yes, more talking from Moxy. He has become famous which is something he wished for while eating the magical alphabet soup. The family goes along with it, encouraging and supporting Moxy with his sudden surge to stardom. But is that all there is for Moxy. He becomes very quiet. You will have to read this wonderful story to see what Moxy does next.
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