Hurricane Mia: A Caribbean Adventure

Title: Hurricane Mia a Caribbean Adventure

Author: Donna Marie Seim

Illustrator: Susan Spellman

Paperback: 160 pages

Publisher: Peapod Press 2010

ISBN-13: 978-0-9826911-0-6

Ages: 8-12 years


A child's adventure can be found anywhere. A backyard can be host to pirate adventures, birthday parties and summer fun with a water hose and sprinkler. But for Mia the adventure is real. A summer in the Caribbean becomes a life and death adventure that inspires courage.

Mia has plans for the summer, like most kids do. She and her best friend Sam have planned a horse back riding adventure in Maine. Together they would learn about taking care of horses and how to ride them. It was going to be great. But her parents had another idea and before she knew it she and her brother Jack were on a plane that was landing in the Caribbean. Their adventure would start in Bambarra.

With a mother that's ill and a father who travels often, Mia and Jack are stuck with Gram and Gramps and no close neighbors, grocery stores, friends or playgrounds. As Mia learns her way around she meets another young girl named Neisha. A friendship is formed. As Mia and Niesha get to know each other Neisha shares some very interesting information. Mia learns of a tea that will cure her mothers illness. The problem that lies ahead is she has no money and it's on another island.

Suddenly, seemingly out of nowhere, a rouge wave hit them from behind, knocking them flat as pancakes. All three were submerged, the water washing over them and the undertow sucking them backwards from the shore. Neisha let go and started flailing. In her frenzy, she hit Jack in the head and he let go of Mia's wrist. The chain was broken. Mia was the first to bob up, followed by Jack. “Shoot! I lost my glasses!” Jack called to Mia before diving back under the water.”
Mia becomes desperate. You see, she hasn't exactly gotten along with her Grams and her little brother is a brat. Her stress levels are high but she needs to save her mother. Mia, Niesha and even Jack plan a way to get the tea. But little did they know, it wouldn't be as easy as they thought. They didn't know of the bad weather that was going to come their way. They didn't know that they would lose the boat they stole from Gramps or that they would be stranded on Iguana Cay. You will have to read the story to find out what happens.

Note to Parents & Teachers:
Hurricane Mia is a great way to start dialogue with children in regards to the differences of living on an island versus living in the city. Cultures and peoples are so different. Animal and plant life is also a very interesting topic to cover. But most importantly this story inspires family, friendship and trust.