Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Splash Into Summer Giveaway Hop

This month's hop I will be giving away 3 books. For a chance to win all you have to do is:
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Title: Case Closed? Nine Mysteries Unlocked by Modern Science
Author: Susan Hughes
Illustrator: Michael Wandelmaier
Hardback: 88 pagesPublisher: Kids Can Press Ltd.ISBN: 978-1-55453-362-6
Ages: 8 to 12


Do your kids love a good mystery? Are they interested in seeing how real cases get solved. If so, they are in for a real treat with this great fact finding and informative book. Young readers will learn about mummies over 3500 years old. A missing Chinese explorer from 215 BCE weaves a mystery that readers will become engaged in. Kids will learn about facts and how the mysteries were solved. Wonderful photographs and maps from around the world will have parents and children turning the pages and wanting more.

This is an excellent resource of true mystery that parents and teachers will love to share with kids. Young readers will want to solve mysteries of their own.

Baby notes is a personal journey of the birth of a child. Parents will enjoy flipping through the pages and sharing the experiences of parents and this wonderful journey.

Fun Facts About Baby Notes by Jennifer L. Cowart
  • The baby in the pregnant bell seen on page 1 is the baby who is also seen on pages 55 and 58.
  • the baby on the cover is my niece, the baby for whose shower I'd originally written the book. She's also found throughout the book.
  • Her brother is the baby in the ultrasound on page 61. he's my one and only nephew and he was born the week that this book went to print.
  • The baby photos are from across the country. They include children from Rhode Island, Virginia and California.
  • The testimonials on the back of the book are from real people who originally commented on the list when I first put it on Facebook. They are from New Hampshire, Florida, Rhode Island and Connecticut.
  • The girls on page 29 are two my daughters. Oftentimes people think that photo was created to look like the same person twice, but it is not.
  • The baby photos on pages 8,16,21,22,23,41,42,45,49,50,57 are stock photos. They are the only photos in which we do not know the children.
  • Other than the stock photos, none of the photos are professionally done. They are all snapshots taken by moms and dads of their children.
  • The people on page 54 are really my parents. At the time of the photo, they were pregnant with me.
  • The tips on pages 10,31,40,41, and 60 were not in the original “Important Notes” book. There were added by friends and family when it came time to create the Baby Notes book.

Title: A Little Bit of Love
Author: Cynthia Platt
Illustrator: Hannah Whitty
Hardback: 32 pagesPublisher: Tiger Tales BooksISBN: 9781589250956
Ages: 3-7 yrs


If you've ever taken the time to bake a cake, cookies or pie with your little one, this is a great story to share with them. Small mouse wants a snack. Momma mouse offers her a piece of cheese, small mouse is tired of cheese. She is craving something sweet. Together momma mouse and small go out together collecting things made with love to create a sweet tasting pie. All the things that gather together are made with love. Sharing this experience together is a symbol of love, caring and sharing.
This is an excellent way to share with a child. Bake something together and read this book. Parents can share stories about baking with their parent when they were a child. Everyone has a story like this to share. Well done Cynthia and Hannah!


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