Thursday, July 7, 2011

Tornado Alert Book Giveaway

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Tornado Alert!
Wendy Scavuzzo

Sea monsters, Gustonadoes, Cumolonimbus are just a few of the terms young readers will learn about in this fact filled page turner about Tornadoes. Scavuzzo takes readers on a whirlwind adventure through the process of a tornado and the devastation it can cause. Twists, spouts and legends fill the pages as the history of tornadoes is spelled out in tongue twisting terms. Readers will learn how to be safe, what to keep handy in the event a tornado is spotted and the different categories in which tornadoes are rated, F1, F4, F5, through the Fujita Scale. Illustrations, graphs, charts and real life photos give readers a vivid view of what twisters are capable of. Storm Science and storm chasers, who literally chase down the storms and report back what they see to the National Weather Service are shown here too. Kids, parents and teachers will love this fun, fact filled book to keep and share with friends and family. 2011, Crabtree Publishing Company
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