Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Earthquake Alert Book Giveaway

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Earthquake Alert!

Shilpa Mehta-Jones

The rumble you hear may not be coming from the jungle but from right under your feet. If the plates start falling from your cupboards it's simply because the plates underground are moving and shifting. This is what causes earthquakes. Jones takes readers through the process of an earthquake. Real life photos and interesting facts about tectonic plates, the lithosphere and outer core will leave readers in awe. Graphs and maps of the earth show readers how amazing and deadly earthquakes can be, and how there is very little warning. Readers will learn about areas that are frequented by deadly quakes like Indonesia, Chile and California to name a few. Kids can help and Jones shows them how. Kids will learn how to be safe and what items to keep handy. The back of the book shows how animals know when quakes are coming. Parents and teachers will love sharing this book. 2011, Crabtree Publishing

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