Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Storybook Tea Kit Company Giveaway

It's a Tea Party Giveaway! Come join in the fun for a chance to win all you have to do is:

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Giveaway ends 8/7/2011.

Title: Alice's Adventures In Wonderland
Author: Lewis Carroll
Publisher: Storybook Tea Kit Company

Alice in Wonderland is a unique story of a young girl who falls down a rabbit hole into a world with creatures she encounters having a tea party. This story was brought to life on the big screen by Disney. As a young girl I longed to have tea parties after watching it. My mother even bought a little tea set just for me and my dolls. The only drawback was there wasn't any real tea or cakes or animals that talked. But what if you little ones could share in the experience with Alice, wouldn't that be wonderful?

Now it's possible. The Storybook Tea Kit Company has packaged the perfect tea party into one collectable book for kids. You and your little ones can read and listen with Alice and her wonderful friends. Have fun with your very own real life tea party. Not only that, this wonderful kit comes with a message about bullying. Kids will be able to pledge against bullying and get their very own certificate.
Please be sure to visit the Storybook Tea Kit Company's interactive website. or their blog at

Alice’s Pawfect Tea-Party ™
Storybook Tea Kit Company is aware of the epidemic of children being bullied by their peers. Just as manners were taught to Alice, so too, our children must be taught how to be inclusive with their classmates. Exclusion is a behavior which should have zero tolerance in our schools — Bee a buddy, not a bully!
When reading Lewis Carroll’s, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, there are numerous bullies throughout the story. Alice comes in contact with several of them at the Mad tea-party. When Alice approached the table the guests all cried out, “No Room, No Room!” This is the very essence of a bully — to exclude, and Alice’s Pawfect Tea-Party, shuns this behavior.

Alice, in this story of Alice’s Pawfect Tea-Party lovingly explains to all tea guests, that there is plenty of room for everyone. She teaches this lesson very cleverly. She states the word mad is exactly the same word as paw. All you do is turn mad upside down, reverse the letter a, and it becomes paw.
Alice goes on to explain that the letter P stands for peers or friends; A is for always; W is for welcome. Your peers, friends, classmates are always welcome; which to Alice is truly a “pawfect” tea-party.
This is the moral that children learn in Alice’s Pawfect Tea-Party; a moral that Storybook Tea Kit Company embraces for each and every child. There is room for everyone!

The tea kit contains:
1 Storybook Keepsake
1 Milk Chocolate Pocket Watch
1 Two Pack Vanilla Sugar Cookies
1 White Chocolate 2-Tier Candy Cake
1 Herbal Cinnamon Apple Tea Bag
1 Booklet Chapter Seven
A Mad Tea Party, by Lewis Carroll
1 Interactive CD
1 Drink Me Bottle with Cork

Have some fun with your very own tea party!

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