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Happy Birthday Kristi's Book Nook!

It's a celebration here at the Nook. To show my appreciation I am offering some really cool books as a giveaway! All you have to do for a chance to win is leave a comment with your name and email. Offer expires 10/31/2011.

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Title: Amy Hodgepodge: All Mixed Up
Author: Kim Wayans & Kevin Knotts
Illustrator:Soo Jeong
Publisher: The Penguin GroupISBN: 978-0-448-44854-1


Amy Hodges has been schooled at home all of her young life. She has spent most of her time at home with her parents, grandparents and her best friend and dog, Giggles. Her family culture is African American, Caucasian, Japanese and Korean. Amy has learned a lot from them. When her father gets a new job at a hospital in Maple Heights, Amy feels it's a good time to go to school for the first time and make some new friends. She finds its not easy being the new kid. But when she meets Lola and her friends, Amy feels school is pretty cool. Not only does she make new friends, she learns that they are just as diverse as she is, and she learns to celebrate and embrace her differences, talents and culture.
Wayans and Knotts have done a great job of introducing young readers about the different cultures and backgrounds that we all come from. This delightful story of change, friendship and embracing our differences is a wonderful tool that can be used by parents and teachers.

 Title: Amy Hodgepodge: Happy Birthday To Me
Author: Kim Wayans & Kevin Knotts
Illustrator: Soo Jeong
Publisher: The Penguin GroupISBN: 978-0-448-44855-8


Amy is getting ready to invite her new friends to her very first birthday party sleepover. She comes up with an idea that will not only celebrate her birth but also her culture. Amy plans to share a Japanese tea ceremony and dress in her traditional Kimono. Amy is very excited and so are her friends. But when she takes a phone call the message for her father leaves her with the impression that her family may be moving to California. And on top of that her friends got last minute tickets to see their favorite singer on the same night as her party. Amy finds she has a lot to worry about and isn't quite sure how to handle all of the disappointment.
Wayans and Knotts have once again introduced culture into this wonderful story of friendship and diversity. Teaching young readers about friendship and the sharing of each others heritage is woven throughout this story. It's an excellent source for teachers and parents.

Title: Sugar Plum Ballerinas: Plum Fantastic
Author: Whoopi Goldberg
Illustrator: Maryn Roos
Publisher: Disney Book GroupISBN:978-078685260-4


Alexandrea Petrakova Johnson is not crazy about ballet, but her mother is. So much so, she has filled Alexandrea's room with everything ballet. Her bedroom mirror has pink ballet shoes painted around it, she has pink ballet shoe drawer handles, the lamp, comforter and pillowcases have ballet shoes too. Her mother was so obsessed with all things ballet that she moved them to Harlem New York so that Alexandrea could attend the Nutcracker School of Ballet and so that she could get a job designing costumes.

Ms. Debbe, the ballet instructor, announces that there will be a drawing for the Sugar Plum Fairy dance. All the class is excited with the exception of Alexandrea. She is not interested at all and feels that her chances are slim of being picked, because she has the competition of 23 other students. But as fate would have it, she is picked to be the Sugar Plum Fairy. Alexandrea is worried that she won't be able to learn the routine and once on stage, she will make a complete fool of herself in front of lots of people.
When she watches her favorite speed skater on television actually doing a ballet routine, she begins to have hope. She will need lots of help from her new friends at the Nutcracker school. Alexandrea is having fun and bonding with her new friends, until she comes home one day to find her mother has packed them up after two months of living in New York.

Goldberg has done an excellent job of introducing this wonderful story of ballet. Moving to a new town and making friends is tough for anyone. This is a quick read and a hilarious story that young girls will relate to. The back of the book has the definitions of the ballet terms used.

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