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If you are a cat lover then you will love Shana Gammon's new book Marie's Nine Lives. Shana has stopped by to talk about her latest project and give parents some tips for getting their kids reading. For a chance to win a copy all you have to do is Tweet this post and leave a comment with your name and email.

Kristi's Book Nook Interview:

How do you promote kids and reading?
I’ve always read to my children and encouraged them to read. Everyone has different interests, so I’ve encouraged my children to explore and decide what types of books they like best. I’ve never wanted them to feel limited to a certain subject area or style (fiction vs. non-fiction, etc.). I also teach art, so I incorporate literature into the art lessons when I can.

Tell us about your website?
My website is very “Marie”. If Marie understood what a website was, I think she would be proud of it. It features information about the book, an excerpt, information about me, and of course, information on Marie.

Will you be doing any school book tours for 2011/2012?
I will be doing some promotional appearances. Bookstores that are interested in having me come for a book signing are welcome to contact my publisher (

What are your thoughts on the new technology for reading a book?
I like the ability to be able to hold a book and read it, so perhaps I’m a little old-fashioned in that regard. However, I welcome new technology, especially if it encourages a child to read who otherwise would not be interested in reading.

What advice do you have for parents on getting their kids reading?
I would encourage parents to let their children have the freedom to discover what types of books they like best. Growing up, I loved reading Nancy Drew; so when my oldest daughter started reading those books I was so excited. My other children like reading different types of books and I welcome that. It’s been fun for me to see what types of books they like and read along with them.

Tell us about your book(s) and illustrations.
Marie’s Nine Lives was inspired by our cat Marie. We adopted her from an animal shelter five years ago. She’s incredibly ditzy. We were joking one day about where Marie may have come from before we adopted her. Given her personality, there were all sorts of possibilities. That is where the idea for the book came from. It chronicles the life of a cat with a penchant for a disaster. Each of the nine chapters highlights one of her adventures, her nine lives, if you will. The writing came much more easily than the illustrations. But I’m very pleased with the finished product and I hope readers will be pleased as well.

How long did it take you to get this idea to where it is now?
It took me four years to complete the book. It was a project I worked on during winter months, which is when I like to write the most.

What will kids love most about your book(s)?
I think that they will enjoy reading about Marie’s adventures. I hope that they feel like they are on a journey with her as she looks for a home.

What will parents and teachers love most about your book(s)?
I hope that they will enjoy reading about Marie, and that it helps raise awareness for shelter pets. There are so many animals in shelters that would make wonderful pets.

What's your next project?
I’m open to writing a sequel to Marie’s Nine Lives. I have no plans for a particular kind of book and I’m o.k. with that. That’s one of the things I love about writing. It offers a lot of freedom.

Title: Marie's Nine Lives
Author: Shana Gammon
Illustrator: Shana Gammon
Publisher: Willow Tree BooksISBN:978-0-9743795-1-7


When we think of cats having nine lives, we imagine that they get themselves into trouble, die and then magically come back to life. Perhaps that is a bit harsh. In the case of Marie, the tables have been turned. Marie's lives are actually very interesting. How many cats do you know that have had the opportunity to live on a farm, a shop that specializes in gourmet seafood or even fraternity house with a bunch of college guys?
Marie starts her life out on a farm with the Woodward's and her four brothers. She was spoiled and over fed by Mr. Woodward. Life was good for Marie until the mail man showed up. We might say that “curiosity killed the cat” but never in Marie's case. She simply strolled outside and ended up going on a ride with the mailman. That is the beginning of Marie's Nine Lives. This crazy little feline stumbles from one adventure to another.

Gammon does a wonderful job of introducing readers to Marie. Cat lovers will have fun learning about Marie and sharing her journey. This is a quick and hilarious read for cat lovers of all ages.

About the Author
Shana Gammon is the author and illustrator of Marie’s Nine Lives. She based the book on her cat Marie; a cat that she and her family rescued from an animal shelter. This is Shana’s second book for children. Her first children’s book, The Great State Cookbook, was published in 2003.

For more information about Marie’s Nine Lives, please visit the book’s website at: All booking inquiries should be sent to the publisher at: 

Thanks Shana for stopping by. You can learn more about Shana at The Neophyte Writer.

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