Projects For Kids: Puppets

Winter months can be some of the toughest months for kids. They can't go outside and burn off excess energy. If they stay in side they have a tendency to get a little noisy. So, the best thing you can do for your kids is give them some projects. Get them away from video games and the television. Working on a crafty project will not only help them learn and grow but they will have something to show for their hard work and effort.  Check out the site below for some really fun projects.

Puppets are wonderful toys.

They can teach both kids and adults all kinds of things. Why? Because folks tend to listen to puppets. Puppets are gentle, non-threatening friends that can do goofy things. They can be hilariously funny or poignantly sad. They can show a child how to brush his or her teeth just as well as they can teach about AIDS or how to do square roots. 

Puppets Can Make a Difference!

We are very excited about this section of our site. It is our desire to share real-life puppet experiences with everyone. We hope by reading these stories you will be inspired to use puppets lots more often. 

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