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Book Giveaway: Ann's Amazing Adventure

Book Giveaway!
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Title: Ann's Amazing Adventure
Author: Jeanetta Brancaccio
Illustrator: Sara Petrous
Publisher: Tretina Printing Inc.ISBN:9780692006979

Do you ever wonder what might happen to a favorite toy when it's lost? A little doll named Ann can tell you exactly what happened to her. And, what's even better is, it's based off of a true story. All of the events that took place are very interesting. You the reader, will here first hand, Ann telling her story.

Young readers are introduced to Ann, her home and all the love she feels there. The little girl that loves and treasures Ann is named Nancy. The family knows how much Nancy loves Ann too. When the family decides to move to another city is when the adventure begins. You see, Nancy and her brother were sitting in the back seat and the family stopped for a little break.

As usual, the family was in a very happy mood. And in spite of the discomfort, I was happy too. There was a feeling of excitement in the car. A new stage of life was about to begin and my family wanted me to be a part of it and that meant more to me than anything in the world. I felt so happy that I even forgot about my twisted leg. When you love and are loved, nothing else matters. I was about to fall asleep when the car stopped at a rest area. The entire family got out. They weren't gone long, but when they returned and the children climbed into the back seat, I accidentally fell out of the car!”

This heartfelt story recounts all of the emotion a child would expect a doll to feel. Ann does not miss a detail involving her adventures in her new home. Children of all ages and their parents too, will love reading about Ann over and over. Young readers will also learn about family, friendship and love.

Brancaccio does a great job of bringing a personal story to life. Children will happily read about Ann and may even experience the emotion presented by Brancaccio. Delightful and brightly colored pictures make this story a fun read. Readers will also enjoy actual photos of Brancaccio's family as well as the true story behind the book.
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