Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Book Review: Baby Bella Goes

Title: Baby Bella Goes
Author: Lynette N. Roberts
Illustrator: Mbiya Kabengele

Babies are always on the go. Baby Bella is no different. She has a very busy day ahead. Baby Bella says good morning to the little birds that greet her. Baby Bella has a pink balloon, as she lets it go she stretches her arms up, up and up. At the park, Baby Bella bends down to the ground as she watches tiny ants carry a large sandwich away. Baby Bella can paint. She paints with black and with white. Baby Bella can smile when she is happy and frown when she is sad. It’s the end of a very busy day and Baby Bella, goes night, night.

Teaching young readers about opposites can be an easy task if you have the right visuals. Baby Bella has everything parents and teachers would need to teach opposites. Roberts does an excellent job of showing emotion through Baby Bella. Young readers will enjoy the bright cheery pictures of Baby Bella’s day. Simple sentences will have little ones reading to their parents in no time. Easy to recognize objects, shapes and colors will have readers flipping the pages and reading this cute story over and over.

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