Sunday, October 27, 2013

Book Review: Home in the Cave

Title: Home In The Cave
Author: Janet Halfmann
Illustrator: Shennen Bersani
Publisher: Sylvan Dell PublishingISBN: 9781607185314


When we think of bats we think of scary little creatures that fly around in the night swooshing down at our heads to frighten us. Instead, I discovered a delightful story about bats and how they contribute to their cave community. Bats are pretty thrifty and each cave dwelling animal depends on them more so than I ever knew or could imagine.

Baby Bat snuggles close to his mom. It's almost time for her to fly out into the world to gather insects for food. Baby Bat loves being in the cave and never wants to leave. Mom reminds him to practice flapping his wings so that some day he can hunt with her. Baby Bat listens to the other little bats tell stories about how danger almost got their moms. Now, he was really sure he never wanted to leave his safe home in the cave. When he stumbles into the nest of Pluribus Packrat he learns more about the cave, other animals and how much help bats are to the growth and stability of the caves many dwellers.

This is a wonderful fact filled story that young readers will keep and enjoy for a long time. Parents and teachers will enjoy learning all about bats and what can be found inside a cave. The back of the book has information and pictures that teach readers about cave crickets, cavefish, stalactites, stalagmites and bat echolocation. Readers can also decide if they feel bats are good or bad.

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