Monday, August 5, 2013

Book Review: A Different Little Doggy

KBN Welcomes Taz, a different little doggy!

Pets always seem to be on the go. Nothing can stop some of them even in they are blind and have bad knees. Meet Taz!

Title: A Different Little Doggy
Author: Heather Whittaker
Illustrations: Scott Alberts
Publisher: Pen-Tech Professional
ISBN: 9780982096222


We humans can all be so different. We can have different color skin and hair. We can be short or tall. Some of us can see with our eyes while others see with their noses and by touch. Animals, especially dogs, are not much different.

Taz is a cut miniature Pinscher who is very different and that makes him very special. When he was just a pup he had bad knees and was in a lot of pain. His family took him to an animal hospital and the doctor fixed him right up by putting pins in his knees. As a result:

I can stand on my toes...
...and can sit like a froggy.
I am just such a different little doggy.”

In doggy years Taz is just 14, but in human years he is 98. Even though he is very old his size keeps him looking like just a pup. Taz is also different because he is blind. How does he get around?

I learned to get around, so I can still run and play.
I just do it in a bit different way.
I now see with my nose and feel with my toes.
It's how I get around even when it snows.”

Children will love this true story about Taz. Easy to read sentences are filled with fun rhyme and the vivid illustrations really bring Taz and his world to life. Young readers will be inspired by Taz and fall in love. This is a great read for any pet lover.

About the author:
Heather Whittaker is a Wisconsin based business and motivational speaker and author of several books that incorporate stories from the lives of her dogs (Tinker, Taz, Eri, Sadie and Roxie) together with her own experiences to motivate others.

About the illustrator:
Scott Alberts loves to bring characters to life through illustration. His unique talents spring from a deep understanding of graphic design and fine arts necessary for fantastic realism in the publishing arena.

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