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This heartfelt story of extended families will have you rejoicing and shedding tears all at the same time.

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Title: The Four Seasons of Patrick
Author: Susan Hughes
Publisher: Red Deer Press
ISBN: 9780889955059


Being a part of a family is an important part of our lives. We learn to adapt and grow into it over time. The loss of a loved one, especially a parent, can take an even longer time to grow and adapt to the loss. But what happens to a child who has to once again adapt to change with an extended family?

Patrick had his Dad and big brother Trevor, would take walks together to find the star that was a fond memory of Mom. Patrick also had Harry, his best friend, they did everything together. Patrick's life was about to take a turn, when his Dad announced that he will marry his friend Linda and that she and her daughter Claire were going to move in. Patrick felt their wouldn't be any room for him. So he devised a plan and together he and Harry would build a tree house, a place to escape, a place with room to be.

As the seasons come and go, Patrick has not connected with Linda or Claire. It wasn't until Patrick noticed that Claire was feeling homesick for her other home and life. Patrick imagined that she probably didn't care for the changes that had taken place anymore than he did. Not only that, she was younger than he and perhaps didn't understand why her life was so tangled up. Could Patrick find it in his heart to stop thinking of only himself and become a friend to Claire and even a big brother?

Extended families are so common place that most of us don't think much about it. But that doesn't mean that they are any easier to accept or adapt to. Author Susan Hughes takes young readers on a journey through the eyes of Patrick as he deals with not only a new family but the loss of a parent. This interesting subject matter can potentially open up dialogue for any family experiencing a similar situation. Hughes touches on every emotion in a thought provoking manner in which readers will be able to relate to both sides of the situation. Parents and teachers can use this tool to discuss family, relationships, siblings, extended families, friendship, and more.
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