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Title: I Miss Daddy
Author: Acacia Slaton Beumer
Illustrations: Dimas S. S.
ISBN: 9781481217088


Families who have members in the armed forces know how hard it is to be without their loved ones for long periods of time. It's tough being a parent and having to explain to little ones why mommy or daddy aren't coming home yet or that they can't call them at a moments notice. This is Jana's story about how she feels when she is missing her daddy.

Jana's daddy is in the military and he is spending time in Afghanistan. When he is home he plays with her. He gives Jana piggy-back rides, pretends to be an airplane and even dresses up in her play clothes. When daddy is gone, Jana is sad and she acts out. She doesn't listen very well to her mommies instructions. But, something happens to Jana that changes the way she is acting after she receives a letter from her daddy.

This heartfelt story shares an emotional side that many military families can relate to. Parents and young readers will empathize with Jana. Simple sentence structure and colorful illustrations depict the story in a humanizing manner. The back of the book has photos of the author and Jana. The author has a personal note to readers and a thank you for those who protect and serve our country. Readers will also enjoy the actual letter Jana received from her daddy.