Book Review: Chocolate Me!

Title: Chocolate Me!
Author: Taye Diggs
Illustrations: Shane W. Evans
Publisher: Feiwel and Friends Books
ISBN: 9780312063267


What if you had skin like velvet fudge frosting, hair soft like cotton candy, and a smile so white it could make your mother cry? Well, that would make you a very unique, wonderful and interesting person now wouldn't it?

One little boy who sat on his stoop, wanted to play. But three little boys, who didn't look like him made fun of his differences.

They often stared at my hair.
Why do you look scared?
Its so poofy and big, like a wig.
Not straight – don't you hate to
comb it?”

Of course, harsh words hurt. No one wants to be laughed at. With the help of one very special person, this brown skinned little boy, thought of a very interesting way to bring about understanding and friendship.
Parents and teachers will love this story of tolerance, understanding and the ability to accept and to change. Colorful illustrations by famed illustrator Shane Evans really bring the story to life. Simple sentences that bounce along the story make for a fun and educational read.

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