Book Review: Hayyim's Ghost

Title: Hayyim's Ghost
Author: Eric A. Kimmel
Illustrator: Ari Binus
Publisher: Pitspopany PressISBN:1932687-03-3


In Horodenka, there was an Inn ran by a very rotten women named Bayla Esther and her not-so-rotten husband Reb Aaron. Bayla Esther was a stingy woman who never gave to charity. She was so stingy she fed her husband thin soup and dry bread.

One morning Reb Aaron didn't wake up. Bayla Esther didn't cry or mourn. She devised a plan so she wouldn't have to pay for his burial. You see, in Horodenka everyone is buried the same whether they are rich or poor. The burial wouldn't cost that much, but Bayla Esther was just plain stingy.

On day, Bayla Esther spotted Hayyim the porter who looked enough like Reb Aaron, to put her plan into action. She paid him to help her move some chairs. Once he was done she offered him some plum brandy. She kept filling his cup until he giggled.

When he passed out she swapped his clothes for her husbands. Bayla Esther buried her husband making everyone believe Hayyim was dead. When Hayyim awoke, well you can just imagine how that might have gone over with Hayyim the ghost. How will Hayyim convince the village he is not a ghost? You will have to read the story to find out more of the haunting tale.
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