Book Review Reboot: The Notebook of Doom

A very cool book for boys!

Title: The Notebook of Doom Attack of the Shadow SmashersAuthor: Troy Cummings

BIBLIO:2013, Scholastic, Ages 9-12, $4.99.
REVIEWER:Kristi Bernard
FORMAT: Middle Grade

If there was a super secret group of monster hunters would you join? Alexander thinks that monster comics, which by the way used to scare him, are not even worth his time. He has felt this way ever since he started fighting real monsters. Yes, that's right. Alexander is a member of the Super Secret Monster Patrol or S.S.M.P. The headquarters is an old caboose that has everything monster hunters would need, like papers, boxes, ping pong balls and even a cheese grater. Alexander is discovering some strange things that are not in his monster notebook. For one, his shadow and the shadows of his friends and community are rising up and playing tricks. And on top of all that his good friend and monster hunter Nikki has fangs and may just be a monster herself. What does it all mean and how can the SSMP's stop these unruly, shadow monsters?

Cummings has a great group of characters that kids will connect with immediately. Boys and girls will crack up when they see the sketches and notes carefully displayed for serious contemplation. Simple sentence structure and easy to understand dialogue, along with short snappy chapters makes for a quick easy read. This tale may just inspire readers to start their own super secret monster patrol.

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