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Would you have guessed that turtles have belly buttons? Would you think it possible that 40,000 turtles could return to a beach in Mexico to nest their eggs? Well, it's true!

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Title: Elizabeth's Landing
Author: Katy Pye
Illustrations: Various Photographers/iStock Photo
Publisher: Pyewacky Press
ISBN: 9780989097314


Elizabeth Barker and her parents have relocated from their home in Coulter City, Missouri to Port Winston, Texas. The objective of the move, which Elizabeth despised, was to help out the grandparents, while mom is away on assignment. Elizabeth's escape from the scowls and bickering of her grandfather was when she rode her bike to the beach with her camera. Fortunately for her, she literally stumbled across a turtle, a Kemp Ridley, laying eggs in a large hole in an area known as Wayward Landing. In an attempt to save the nesting turtle from some rambunctious teens, she lands into a volunteer position at the Port Winston Marine Science Center.

Volunteering has proven to be very rewarding for Elizabeth. She is learning all things turtles, making new friends and having her photography utilized to help the center. Life felt good for once. She started to feel normal, that is until the turtles nesting ground could possibly be riddled with tourists. Developers are planning to build a fancy resort right where the turtles lay their eggs. Another storm that's brewing is at home. First it was grandpa and now there is tension between Elizabeth's mom and dad. By asking her parents for help will Elizabeth be able to pull the family together and help with a campaign to save the turtles?

Pye does an excellent job of not only creating a great teen coming of age story but also the value of showing readers that if you dream it you can do it and excel beyond the possibilities. Family and friendship are woven throughout the story which brings a warmth and emotion any reader could relate to. Likeable characters, including the turtles and the message of saving them and the planet are not over done. Readers will also learn fun facts about these amazing turtles and their plight.

Katy's website and blog have more about sea turtles and young people making a difference in all sorts of ways. A portion of book sale profits support World Wide Sea Turtle Conservation and Education Programs.

News about Katy

I'm honored to be interviewed about my self-publishing journey by the Women's National Book Association-San Francisco Chapter. Established in 1917, WNBA is a national networking, educational, and charitable organization for women and men designed "to promote literacy, a love of reading, and women’s roles in the community of the book."

My thanks to 
Catherine Bramkamp of WNBA for sharing my story and tips for self-publishing.

Since publishing Elizabeth's Landing, I've hoped the book would find its way into classrooms. Nothing like starting at the top. This week, Shirin Yim Bridges, head "goose" at the award-winning, Goosebottom Books, featured Elizabeth's Landing's publishing journey in her Stanford University class, "Digital Prize." In the wake of the book's recent Writer's Digest e-Book award, her students talked about what constitutes success. An award is a tangible--and quite wonderful--form, they decided. I heartily agree, and add that surviving each hillock, valley, and mountain in the writing process, for any author, is high reason for celebration.

Shirin will be presenting her class material at the 
May 21st, Writers of the Mendocino Coast evening event. Watch its website for future details. Visit Goosebottom Books to learn more about its beautifully written and illustrated, fiction and non-fiction books for children.

Turtle dancing in my house! 

Elizabeth's Landing has won First Prize in Fiction in the 2013 "Writer's Digest Self-Published e-book Awards." 

Approximately 400 fiction books competed in categories ranging from Mainstream/Literary Fiction, Children's/Picture Books, Genre Fiction, Middle-Grade/Young Adult, and more. I'm amazed and deeply honored by this recognition from the Digest. 

Humility doesn't include bragging, but this recognition feels so good.
Judge's comments (excerpt): 
 Elizabeth's Landing grabs the reader right from the start. This story has excellent plotting, writing, and story flow. Really enjoyed it! The cover is beautiful and fully represents the interior story.
As a debut novel, this is so well done the book seems written by a seasoned author with many books under the belt. Wow! First person is a tough tense to pull off but this author managed to do just that and make the story very entertaining. Emotional connection for the reader is also excellent. With a fourteen-year-old protagonist, the novel reads exceptionally well for the YA market. The reader is drawn into the struggle to protect the sea turtles and rides the roller coaster when the plot twist hits with the destruction of three turtles, but the ending is oh so satisfying! 
With an international presence, for over 90 years "Writer's Digest" has been the top go-to support print and online network for writers looking to fine tune skills and learn the publishing business. The formal announcement for all category winners will be featured in the Digest's May/June print edition. 
Many thanks to all who helped and encouraged me along the way.

Best wishes and keep dancing,

Katy Pye-Author
Katy Pye-Author
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