Book Review: The Legend of Mickey Tussler

A book that will present readers with the courage to find strength in what makes you different.

The Legend of Mickey Tussler
Frank Nappi

Walter Murphy was out scouting for a baseball player the war didn't take. Unfortunately he is stuck driving long hours because no one else wants to do it. Walter Dennison, the owner of the minor-league-affiliate Brewers, was putting this responsibility on him. His days of being a top player had long since past. During a drive on a lonely dirt road Walter crashes his car. When he stumbles across a farm he witnesses a perfect throw. The young man throwing apples into a basket is Mickey Tussler. He had been diagnosed as autistic and a disappointment to his father. Walter opens up the opportunity for Mickey to become a member of a baseball team. Unfortunately, Mickey is not a favored player because of his autism. In time, a few team members except him and he makes a few friends. But like any good player there will always be an enemy. Mickey's nemesis is Lefty, the team pitcher. Its up to Mickey to keep himself on the team and Lefty off of his back. It's also up to Mickey to get past all of the hatred and prejudice that has disrupted his once somewhat peaceful life.

This is an excellent heart warming story of a young man coming of age after the war and also dealing with his disability. For young readers who are baseball fans this story will provide encouragement and inspiration. For those who love a good story based on a persons life, will also enjoy this book.

BIBLIO:2012, Skyhorse Publishing, Ages 9 to 12, $12.95.
REVIEWER:Kristi Bernard
FORMAT:Young Adult
ISBN: 9781616086589


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