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Title: Mommy, am I still your Princess?
Author: Acacia Slaton
Illustrations: DIMAS S. S.
Publisher: Acacia Slaton
ISBN: 9781494791025


How should little ones handle a new sibling? Some embrace being the older brother or sister, while others wonder why they no longer get all of the attention when family and friends come to visit.

Jana has a new little sister named Jaci. Jana is wondering why she isn't getting any attention at all. She sees little Jaci has pretty hair and is cute and cuddly. Visitors love looking at her. Jana's mother says to her:

You're growing up, but you're still mommy's princess. You are a picture of beauty and a child of grace. You'll always be my first-born; no one will ever take that place.

Parents can share this cute story with a child who will soon become an older sibling. Parents can also discuss the emotional factor a child faces when they are no longer the only one the parents see on a daily basis. By utilizing the helpful questions at the back of the book, parents can open up dialogue with a child to help them better understand their new responsibility. Colorful illustrations show off the beautiful children represented in the story. 

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