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Jo MacDonald Hiked in the Woods
Mary Quattlebaum
BIBLIO:2013, Dawn Publications, 3 to 7, $8.95.
REVIEWER:Kristi Bernard
FORMAT: Picture Book
ISBN: 9781584693352

Kids love a great story that has a familiar songs so that they can look at pictures and sing along. Jo MacDonald and her grandfather are out for a stroll in the woods. They admire the tall trees as they walk and sing. The forest has animals like wood peckers who make a rat-tat sound as they peck the trees. They see wild turkeys that gobble and chipmunks that chomp on nuts. Snakes slither and turtles shuffle. Jo and her grandfather put those sounds together and sing a tune that sounds like an original song, Old MacDonald. “And in those woods she heard a skunk E-I-E-I-O. With a pad-pad here and a pad-pad there, Everywhere a pad-pad. Jo MacDonald hiked in the woods, E-I-E-I-O.” Young readers will learn all about the animals that live in the woods.

Sing-song words and rhythm make for a fun read. Colorful illustrations are a delight as children pick their favorite critters. The back of the book has a picture of the animals and plants found on the pages along with a description about them. There is also an activities section so kids can really learn to become a naturalist. Parents and teachers will enjoy sharing this story and adding this treasure to their libraries.