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Title: Justice pon di Road
Author: Aliona L. Gibson
Illustrations: Andy Chou
Publisher: Aliona L. Gibson
ISBN: 9780966265415


If you've never been to Jamaica you can easily experience the amazing culture through the eyes of a young boy named Justice.

Justice is a toddler who is learning a lot about Jamaica. It's his first visit and he has already learned about the people, their culture, their language, the food and he has seen the beauty of the island. During his visit, Justice tastes different fruits that grow in Jamaica. He loves to taste the star, papaya, naseberry and guava. He makes lots of friends too. He met Keisha at her gift shop, Miss Jessie at her cafe and Brap with his horse named Fyah. On the beach, Justice feels the sand between his toes and enjoys the cool blue water. The language is so different, but Justice began to understand. “Pon di road” means on the road and “Wha' gwaan, likkle one?” means how are you, little one? One phrase that Justice loves to say is, “Yeah mon” which means Yes man.

Gibson has provided a delightful story that takes readers on a journey to the island of Jamaica. Readers, parents and teachers can use this book as a tool to acquaint themselves with the people, culture and history. Colorful and realistic looking illustrations are inviting. The back of the book has a glossary, fun facts, national heroes, and notable Jamaicans.

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