Book Review: Myth-O-Mania Hit The Road Helen!

Enjoy Greek Mythology like you've never seen it before!

Title: Myth-O-Mania Hit The Road, Helen!
Author: Kate McMullan
Illustrations: Kevin Keele
Publisher: Stone Arch Books
ISBN: 9781434262196


If you are a fan of Greek mythology, or perhaps you are a new reader of these magical tales, then you will certainly enjoy this re-imagined story of Helen of Troy. According to Hades, the ruler of the underworld, the Trojan War was all Helen's fault. In a way it was.

Helen was the world's most beautiful woman. She married a Greek king, Menelaus, but fell in love with Paris, a prince from Troy, and ran off with him. Menelaus raised an army to help him get Helen back, and for ten years, the Greeks fought the Trojans in the Trojan War.”

Hades tells the story with lots of humor and wit. He is a bit disgruntled and feels as though his brother Zeus left out a lot of details when he told the story. Young readers will get a kick out of Hades and learn about Helen and the Trojan War. The back of the book has a glossary for quick reference along with a guide to the myths. This fast-paced read will keep readers engaged and chuckling.

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