Book Review: No!

Tiger Tales Books teaches good manners!

Title: No!
Author: Tracey Corderoy
Illustrator: Tim Warnes
Publisher: Tiger Tales Books
Ages: 3 to 7
ISBN: 9781589251502


A toddlers first words could be momma, dadda, bye-bye and even NO!
Otto, is an adorable little Rhino, and that's because everyone around him says so. That is, until he learned a new word. You can just imagine the shock and awe of his parents when they first heard it. NO! This was the word little Rhino loved the most.
Otto loved his new word. So he said it more and more.

Otto wasn't afraid to use his new word at mealtimes, bathtime and even bedtime. But at school his teacher and classmates didn't much appreciate this supposed adorable little rhino. When the teacher brings a surprise treat to school do you suppose Otto will learn a new word?

Parents and toddlers will chuckle as they enjoy this story that is more likely than not very familiar. Hilarious illustrations that are bright and colorful depict the main characters willingness to say No. Parents and pre-school teachers can take this tool and make it interactive by pointing out when not to say No.

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