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Title: Reena's Bollywood Dream
Author: Jewel Kats
Illustrations: Richa Kinra
Publisher: Loving Healing Press
ISBN: 9781615990146


The world is sometimes a place that isn't safe. We all assume that close family members would never cross a line of distrust. But, when it does happen children need to tell a parent or teacher their feelings and concerns.

Reena has a dream of becoming an actress for Bollywood. Her parents don't support her vision. When a favorite uncle comes to visit, he brings her a surprise Lengha and shows his support of her dancing. Unfortunately for Reena, he takes his support to far. He asks Reena to dance in front of him and his camera. Reena escapes from his touch, but can she show proof of his sickening attempt to disrobe her?

Parents and teachers can utilize this tool to discuss with young readers what proves to be a very sensitive topic. Colorful illustrations and easy to read sentence structure will help readers better understand this subject matter.
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