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Sherlock, Lupin, & Me: The Dark Lady book 1
Irene Adler
Jacopo Bruno
Capstone Young Readers

Upon arriving at the summer vacation house in St. Malo, Irene Adler is already looking for an escape from Mama and their butler Mr. Nelson. By the end of her first day of vacation Irene has already made two friends, William Sherlock Holmes and Arsene Lupin, and they have all discovered they each share a unique way of thinking. While playing on a beach during their vacation the trio find a dead man on the beach and quickly find themselves involved in the mystery behind the man’s death, the disappearance of a very precious diamond necklace, and a mysterious hooded figure who seems to be following their every move. Irene, Sherlock, and Holmes find they all have a passion for solving crimes as they carefully piece together the mysterious events happening during their vacation. Who was the man on the beach? Why would someone steal the necklace? And who is this mysterious hood person who keeps showing up? The police can’t seem to get any leads and are proving to be useless in the investigations, it’s going to take the three of them to help solve these cases and bring the people responsible in for justice.

Author Irene Adler has created a great mystery novel for any enthusiast. If young readers love a good Sherlock Holmes mystery that is geared for them, this will invite and intrigue them to pick of this book and follow the series. Readers will also enjoy the black and white illustrations that provide a flare for the era. Readers will be engaged and enjoy the characters and colorful conversation. Vivid imagery and details are neatly disbursed throughout short chapters. A fun read for boys and girls.