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Title: Snow White's Seven Patches
Author: Jewel Kats
Illustrations: Dan Goodfellow
Publisher: Loving Healing Press
ISBN: 9781615992065


If you are looking for a new twist on an old tale, this story has a lot to say. Young readers who are not familiar with a skin condition known as Vitiligo will become educated about how it can effect the inflicted.

This multi-faceted and multi-racial story is about a young girl held captive by her evil and self absorbed mother because of her patchy skin. As the girl grew she became versed with the written word. She was forced to write stories for children that were stolen by her mother and made her famous. Upon this discovery, the young Snow White runs away. She had always wanted to write about love. One day she met a handsome young man, but clumsily fell. In her embarrassment she runs away from him. Will Snow White ever see this special person again? Well, I think you already know.
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