Book Review: The Lost Dinosaur

Title: The Lost Dinosaur
Author: N. S. Blackman
Illustrations: N.S. Blackman
Publisher: Dinosaur Books Ltd.


Siggy was a Troodon who lived in a museum. He wasn't a real dinosaur because he was made from metal. These types of dinosaurs are called Dinoteks, and there are plenty of others. One day, while looking out the window Siggy watched a crow bounce, peck and fly. Seeing this prompted him to want to know more about the world outside of the museum. As Siggy explored he had become skilled at hiding from people and enjoyed looking at all the shops. He was very interested in the hustle and bustle of the city. But, when he was spotted, in a box of junk while hiding, by a young girl he was thought to be a statue and was taken to her home. Will Siggy ever make it back to his home at the museum? You'll have to read this tale to see.

Blackman has created an exciting new twist on a fun dinosaur tale. Young readers who fancy themselves dinosaur connoisseurs will get a kick out of the colorful and clever illustrations along with simple sentence structure, which creates an easy read for beginners.

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