Book Review: Sweet Dreams, Little Bear

Tiger Tales Books Presents:

Title: Sweet Dreams, Little Bear
Author: Suzanne Chiew
Illustrator:Tim Warnes
Publisher: Tiger Tales Books
ISBN: 9781589256040


Sleepy time stories are always best read when parents and little ones are snuggled up close. Simple rhyme is soothing and warm. Soft dim pastel pictures create a dusky scenery throughout the story. Papa bear and baby bear are getting ready to rest for the night. But still find time for one last game. And then it's time to say goodnight.

Hop, skip, jump! Just time to play our last game of this happy day. All the world is off to bed and so are we, my sleepyhead.

Soothing illustrations will keep readers focused on the relationship between a father and son. Simple sentences make for easy learning. The bedtime story can encourage word play, chants and fun to say short expressions. Parents can snuggle up with their children to read as it creates a warmth and security for the child. The soft padded board book is a great tool that teaches young readers how to hold and turn pages of a book.

This book was donated to a child in need.

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