Book Giveaway: My Very Exciting Sorta Scary, Big Move

Moving is a big deal. It's an even bigger deal for a young child. But don't worry, help is here. For a chance to win this wonderful activity guide all you have to do is follow, share and leave a comment with your name and email. Offer expires 8/31/14.

Title: My Very Exciting Sorta Scary, Big Move
Author: Lori Attanasio Woodring PhD
Illustrations: Timm Joy
Publisher: Child's View Press
ISBN: 9780615879420


Moving your family to a new home can be a very scary thing. For the parent there may be a lot of stress and anxiety. But, for a child there may be feelings they don't understand. Author Lori Attanasio Woodring, PhD has created a wonderful workbook for your child. This guide has plenty of activities which will help your child better understand the emotions they will experience when they move to a new place. There are also activities that will help your child look at the positive aspects of moving.

The workbook has eleven chapters, a note to parents and a special note to kids. The back of the book has a Certificate of Completion for a job well done. Some of the activities readers will find include a section of illustrations that represent items that may be favorite things a child can select regarding where they currently live. If a child is experiencing emotions of anger, there is a section that offers suggestions regarding how a child can handle anger. 

For example:
  1. Get outside and do something
  2. Go for a walk or run
  3. Do jumping jacks or push-ups
  4. Stomp on an empty box
  5. Sing or dance
  6. Punch a pillow
Young readers can also do an activity which asks them to list or document all of the items they will pack in their suitcase.

This guide has plenty to offer. Children who are moving will become interactive, understanding and be able to better handle the emotional stresses that come with a big life change, such as moving. Each page has cute and colorful illustrations that soften the experience children face.