Book Giveaway: Silly Dilly Duckling

Tiger Tales Books has great starter books for your toddler.

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Title: Silly Dilly Duckling
Author: Claire Freedman
Illustrator: Jane Chapman
Publisher: Tiger Tales Books
Ages: 0 to 3
ISBN: 9781589255784


Dilly duckling is out for a walk with his mommy and siblings, when suddenly a gust of wind blows away one of his feathers. He chases it and along the way he makes some new friends. Dilly is saddened when his feather floats high in the sky above. What will happen to Dilly now? Will he grow new feathers?

Dilly and Spike ran after the feather. “It's caught on a corn stalk!” squeaked Nibble. “I'll get it!” Nibble climbed the stalk, but the feather tickled her twitchy nose. “Achoo!” she sneezed. Off flew the feather...

Parents and children will love this short tale any time of the day. Bright cheery illustrations bring the characters to life. Parents can open up dialogue about the different colors, shapes and animals. The soft padded book with sturdy pages are just right for toddlers. Tiger Tales Books teach eye hand coordination, motor skills, language development and how to hold a book and turn its pages. Simple sentence structure with fun and easy to learn words will keep toddlers engaged.