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Title: Secrets and Spies - Plague
Author: Jo Macauley
Publisher: Capstone Young Readers
ISBN: 978-1-4342-7945-3


In the summer of 1665 London, England was struck with a horrible plague. Beth’s theater group had received orders from the King. The group had been sent to Oxford where the King’s young cousin will be joining them for the time being. Beth and her fellow theater group are put to the test as they “graciously” help the young star adjust to the group. With the Kings cousin joining the play Beth is relieved to receive a letter from Spymaster Strange. The spreading plague has been devastating to Mr. Strange’s business, with all his best spies dead from either the plague or through the missions they were recently sent on. He is left to rely on Beth, John, and Ralph to uncover the latest plot to kill the King.

Beth and her fellow spies are having difficulty figuring out the four initials of the suspected conspirators and tracking them down as the plague takes its toll on London. With the first one dead from the plague, they must find a way to uncover the other three initials and figure out how they plan to kill the King before it’s too late. Beth, John, and Ralph have had to turn to using any resource they have available to them even if it means revealing themselves as spies or worse, coming in direct contact with victims of the plague, to solve this case. Can Beth and her fellow spies escape the fate of this horrible plague and uncover the plot to kill the King in time?

Author Jo Macauley has created a very cool series for any spy buff or history buff. This is the second book of the series Secrets & Spies. Young readers will become engrossed in the eerie plot that will quench their thirst for action and intrigue. This fast-paced read has the familiar characters and even a few new ones. Readers will enjoy the same type of vivid scenery that continues to pull them back in time. The back of the book has a personal note from the author to the reader.

Review Courtesy of Aimee Bernard

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