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Title: The Phoenix On Barkley Street
Author: Zetta Elliott
Illustrations: Enroc Illustrations/Deasy Suryani
Publisher: Rosetta Press
ISBN: 9781500589400


Tariq and Carlos are best friends who live on Barkley street. Slowly the safe haven started to change, and not for the better. Gangs and graffiti have taken over and many families have moved. As a result buildings are boarded and abandoned. But, Carlos has a plan. He shows Tariq a new hangout spot behind and old building. The spot was hidden by a tall fence. Inside it was a mess but together they could clean it up. There were rose bushes and an apple and pear tree. Soon the boys discovered that wasn't all that was there. A strange and beautiful bird became their friend. It doesn't take long and their secret place is uncovered by Tariq's sister and her buddy and Vik. The boys are forced to share. With a little research they discover the bird is a Phoenix. Unfortunately for the kids a gang has found them out and attempts to takeover their precious hang out. Will this motley group fight back for what's theirs? You'll have to read the story to see.

Author Zetta Elliott has created a great read for boys and girls. Detailed black and white illustrations show readers characters that are fun and interesting. Easy to read sentences make for a fast and engaging read. Parents and teachers will love this book for a read-a-loud assignment that will open up dialogue for dealing with bullies.