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Title: The Magic Mirror
Author: Zetta Elliott
Illustrations: Paul Melecky
Publisher: Rosetta Press
ISBN: 9781497364714


Kamara isn't having such a great day. A boy at school named Malik has used some harsh words directed towards her. The words hurt. When Kamara goes for her weekly visit to her grandmas she can't hold in the hurt anymore. She tells her grandmother about Malik. Her grandmother gives her a special assignment. She must clean an old mirror in her grandmothers 100 year old home. When Karmara starts to clean something strange happens. She is given a glimpse of strong black women who have come over on slave ships, hidden runaway slaves, teachers who have saved children and books from a burning school, women welders, and a woman in Harlem working in an office. She could see and feel their progression, bravery and beauty. She could even see images of a younger grandmother and her mother during moments of achievement. How do you think Kamara felt about herself now?

Author Zetta Elliott shows young readers that a persons past holds a strong heritage. What we should see in the mirror when we look at ourselves is strength, beauty and courage. This is an excellent read for girls. Beautiful illustrations that depict women offer encouragement. Parents and teachers can use this book as a tool to discuss self confidence, history and hope.