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Summer is finally here and your teens may need some tips on running their very own babysitting service to earn extra money. All they will need to know is right here!

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The Babysitter's Backpack
Rebecca Rissman and Melissa Higgins
BIBLIO:2015, Capstone Young Readers, Ages 12 and up, $12.95
REVIEWER:Kristi Bernard
FORMAT: Young Adult
ISBN: 9781623701345

Babysitting has been a first time job for many teens. Here is a guide that can help readers learn how to treat babysitting like a real business. This guide also has everything a babysitter would need to know to help keep the kids they care for safe and busy.  This guide has four chapters that will cover everything from basic rules, safety tips, running the business and activities for the kids. Chapter one for example introduces basic rules every sitter should know, such as how to be a good and responsible leader. Sitters should be role models, respectful, good at communication, and caring. Readers will also learn tips on safety and how to be aware of their surroundings. Inside the pages readers will also find a handy babysitters checklist.

When looking at babysitting as a business they will learn how to manage money, how to find just the right customers by asking certain questions during an interview by reviewing the list of suggested questions. Readers can get tips on what to carry in a backpack that could potentially become a briefcase. It can hold a journal, planner or calendar, small bills, homework, a book or crafts and activities. Sitters will also learn different ways to play and interact with the children even those who have some behavioral issues.

This guide is a great idea and has mini quizzes to test a reader’s knowledge throughout the chapters. Wonderful photography that depicts its audience show examples of what teens will learn. Cool cartoon characters are found inside the pages too. If you think this tool is for new sitters you might be wrong. This guide, more than likely, has information for parents, clients and even sitters with experience.

Authors Rissman and Higgins have put together an excellent resource for caregivers. This modernized guide to the all too familiar world of babysitting is a must have. Parents and teens will both approve and find this guide has loads of information that will help them learn more about the business of babysitting.