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Title: Chronicles: The Library of Illumination
Author: C.A. Pack
Publisher:  Artiqua Press
ISBN:  9780983572398


Libraries are a place where patrons go to seek information, adventure, and even romance. But, what if there was a library that could provide you with so much more? The Library of Illumination is such a place.

Johanna Charette loved everything about books and often dreamed of having her own library. She didn’t much care for her worker bee job at Book Services. When her boss asked her to deliver a package to the Library of Illumination, she had no idea how much her life would change. Finding the library was tricky each time she was asked to make a delivery. Getting past the secret doorbell ring was even more frustrating. There were many things about the library that drew her back there for deliveries even when it was on her own time. The curator, Malcolm Trees, was a strange little man fitting to be in that particular library. He, with each visit, would open her eyes to a new and fascinating world of books coming to life and how to deal with the various characters and creatures who venture outside of them.

During an angry fed up fit with her boss Johanna quits her job. At home, she picks through her piles of unopened mail and discovers she had a very short amount of time before she had to move, because the landlord notified her weeks before that the meagerly house she was renting had been sold. Out of contact with her friends, who by the way were angry with her lack of concern for them, didn’t have room for her. One final delivery to the library, changed her luck. She would become the new curator to replace Malcolm upon his retirement. A dream come true for Johanna.

Johanna would need some help. She hired Jackson Roth, a teen who needed work to help support his mom and younger brother. When Jackson opened Treasure Island, he discovered sweaty pirates and gold doubloons. Even after his scolding from Johanna he didn’t think she would notice a few doubloons missing. He would take them to a pawn shop in exchange for money to buy food and much needed medicine for his sick brother. Unfortunately, Jackson didn’t realize that the pawnbroker was shady and wanted more doubloons of his own.
Johanna and Jackson needed to work on developing trust. But another problem had arisen. A strange orb had presented itself and the two didn’t know what to make of it.  They make the decision to look for answers in the books. Scientists were no help. They contacted the police and the FBI. They were no help and wanted the orb. Johanna looked for help in the diary left by Malcolm. The orb is the source of power for the library and there are steps in it to recharge it and keep it hidden.

The Library of Illumination holds many mystical secrets and the biggest one yet was when Johanna and Jackson discover a secret room that is seemingly an alternate universe with orbs and glass floors that allow them to see the different levels. But that isn’t all. A broken orb released a dark figure that lets the duo know he is dangerous. Will Johanna and Jackson get back to their own realm? Will Malcolm come to their rescue?

Author C. A. Pack has created a wonderfully curious world fans of books, adventures and the mysteries that libraries hold will love. Readers will want to follow the growing admiration between the two characters. The “what if” factors of magical books are brought to the forefront for readers allowing them to fall into the story and become a part of it. This fast paced read will capture the attention and the heart of those who are open to an exciting adventure.