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Discover the writer in you! On the spot prompts, mazes, and engaging text will help you be the writer you've been longing to be!

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Title: Leap Write In!
Author: Karen Benke
Illustrations: Lora Zorian
Publisher:  Roost Books
ISBN:  9781611800159


Author Karen Benke is not kidding when she says leap. Page four asks eager learners to leap by having them finish five starter sentences. Benke doesn’t just want you to do all of the spilling of words she offers plenty of her own, and other writers too. Many chapters have a “Your Turn” section which makes the book interactive. For example: the learner is given a task to complete. It could be finishing sentences, writing poems or working a maze. Other tasks can be found in the “Story Starters” or “Drop Deeper” sections in these chapters. Word lists, survey’s, mini memoirs and more are what learners will find to challenge themselves to open up their inner writer.

Benke doesn’t want you to waste time over thinking the writing process. The creative exercises found throughout the book are designed to make you think in short bursts so you can write down the first thoughts that come to mind. Cleverly named chapters invite readers to challenge themselves. For example: Shape-Shifter Adventure, asks readers to draw a line down the center of a piece of paper and answer a list of questions. Question one states, “Turn yourself into something that flies or slithers.” Some samples listed are a noble raven, a black mamba and others. The chapter called “Anaphora” introduces a Greek word which means to carry up or back. Readers will tackle poetry. Other chapters show readers how to tap into the five senses, to call on their muse, and to write early in the morning.

Writers of all ages can enjoy creating with these wonderful prompts. This is no ordinary or boring read. Benke’s snappy flowing text is fun and engaging. The back of the book offers resources, book suggestions and a special exit dedication just for the reader. This is a must have for any writer.