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Title: The Luck Uglies: Fork-Tongue Charmers
Author:  Paul Durham
Illustrations:  Petur Antonsson
Publisher:  Harper Collins
ISBN: 9780062271532


The Luck Uglies sequel has arrived. In case you missed the first one, Luck Uglies are a secret society. In the prequel readers were introduced to Rye O’Chanter and her fight to save her town from Bog Noblins which were swamp creeping beasts, with the help of the Luck Uglies, of course.

Rye was brave as ever on the night of Silvermas with Good Harper Killpenny, who drove the mud sleigh filled with all the coins collected from villages to give to the poor, when they encountered a band of mysterious robbers. Rye learned that she was face to face with a Luck Uglie known as Slinister. This group of bandits is known as Fork Tongued Charmers and Slinister is their leader. They wear masks, put black soot on their lips and around their eyes, in addition to, splitting their tongues as a sign of commitment. Rye is recovered from the woods by her father, Harmless, who is the High Chieftain of all the Luck Uglies. Harmless took Rye to the familiar Grabstone, her father’s secret place on the cliffs off the shore. During the storm a family friend, Folly, is discovered cold and wet on the rocks. Folly told them about recent events that brought her out into the storm to warn them. Rye’s mothers shop had been burned and her family considered to be outlaws. They stay with Folly and her family at their crowded inn. Eventually forced to leave, Rye and the group journey to Pest, the place where her mother and father met and where she will see her grandfather again. Once there, Rye sees vast poverty and fighting amongst the villagers. Rye is worried about her father and the fact that Luck Uglies are loathed by the people of Pest. After spotting ships from the shore, Rye knew she and her group would have to come up with a plan to fight and defeat the soldiers and the Fork Tongued Charmers.

Author Paul Durham has created another exciting adventure readers will enjoy. Mystical characters and a fight for freedom and justice will have readers engaged. This fast paced read is great for a classroom read-a-loud.  Each chapter also has wonderful black and white illustrations that give insight to the reader. The back of the book has “A Seafare’s Guide to Mumbley-Speak and Other High Isle Chatter, which is similar to a glossary of terms. Parents and teachers will want to add this to their list of recommended reads.

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