Book Review: Beavers

Beavers are the builders of the animal kingdom. 
Kids will have fun learning about all they can do.

Gail Gibbons
BIBLIO:2013, Holiday House, Ages 5-9, $7.99
REVIEWER:Kristi Bernard
FORMAT: Children Non-Fiction
ISBN: 9780823431847

Beavers could be classified as nature's little engineers, especially since they are so good at building their homes. Beavers are normally found in areas with wetlands on heavy forest vegetation. This is where they build and there are plenty of branches for them to use to build. Beavers eat the bark and twigs which is convenient. A beavers home is called a lodge and usually has two levels. Readers will learn so many different things about their bodies, how they get around in the water, how they communicate and their family life. A cool thing about a beavers family is that with each generation they all live together throughout their lives. Readers will also learn that these furry creatures also have enemies. Their fur and sweet smelling body oils have been hunted for many years. Another danger for them is their loss of wetlands for homes due to human population. Beavers are very helpful to keep the balance of nature. Their homes do help control flooding. Parents, teachers and young readers will be enlightened by all the cool things they can learn about beavers.  Warm colored illustrations show all the plant life and other animals that share space with the beavers in their natural habitat. The back of the book has quick reference facts and website information to learn more.

Author Gail gibbons has put together a great collection of information for young readers who want to learn about beavers and their daily routines. The pages are filled with interesting tidbits and facts from the beavers anatomy to the items they build with. Young readers will also see maps that show where beavers are located around the globe.