Children's Book Giveaway: The Last Bunny In Brooklyn

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Young children will enjoy this heartfelt story of a very lonely bunny.
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Title: The Last Bunny In Brooklyn
Author: Zetta Elliot
Illustrations: Babs Webb
Publisher:  Rosetta Press
ISBN:  9781500870416


Chloe is a sweet little bunny who lives in a burrow at a museum in Brooklyn. She visits her cousins, brothers and sisters in their nearby burrows once a month. When she goes to visit, no bunnies are found. Chloe asks other animals if they’ve seen any of her kind. Rat and the cardinals have not. Professor Pigeon stated that the bunnies might be extinct like some of the other animals in the museum. When Chloe visited raccoon he simply thought they left for greener grasses. While eating some rose petals Chloe noticed the gardener speaking to her. The gardener mentioned a mysterious plague. Is this what happened to Chloe’s family?

Author Zetta Elliott has spun a delightful story about a lonely but very important rabbit. Parents and teachers will be able to open up dialogue regarding the importance of zoos, museums and extinction with young children. Readers will enjoy this thought provoking story. The soft and somewhat dark illustrations, truly set the mood for what the story is trying to convey, which is the grim reality of extinction.