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Young readers will enjoy this story of family and following your dreams.

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Title: Max Loves Munecas!
Author: Zetta Elliot
Illustrations: Mauricio J. Flores
Publisher:  Rosetta Press
ISBN: 9781497332027


Max loved looking in the window of the doll makers shop. But he couldn’t let anyone know. It wasn’t the dolls themselves that he loved but the beautiful dresses and jewelry they wore. Max wished he could sew. One day he ventured in with a group of girls from his class. Pepe, the store owner, noticed Max looking around the shop in awe. Max sat and listened as Pepe told him the story of his childhood and how he came to be the owner of a doll shop. Pepe shared how he and his grandmother made a quilt together. She died and left him all alone. He was forced to stay with the street boys, but decided he couldn’t. His grandmother taught him better than that. He met a kind woman, Senora Beatriz, who owned a doll shop and took him in as her assistant. She left to deliver a dress and was gone for the night. Pepe took it upon himself to use her precious sewing machine and broke it. He asked Primo, the street boys’ leader, for help. An unlikely friendship formed. Max pondered the story. He will have to decide if whether or not he would want to become an assistant to Pepe.

Author Zetta Elliot has created a unique story that invites readers to look in another direction. There is an underlying message that readers will find inspiring. Parents and teachers could use this tool as a read-a-loud and open up dialogue to encourage children to follow their dreams and not to be afraid or ashamed if their dream is not what would be classified as mainstream or the norm. This fast paced read is filled with interesting characters and vivid scenery.