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Title: Trailing Tennessee
Author: Cory Wheeler Mimms
Illustrations: Brian David Smith and Jott Robertson
Publisher:  Craigmore Creations
ISBN:  9781940052007


Eli Sutton is a fourteen-year-old boy who lives by the Appalachian mountains. Like his father and his grandfather he liked to fish, hunt, hike and spend time among the trees and insects. His  grandfather used to tell him stories about the Cherokee ghosts that haunted the woods. Another story he loved was the one when his father and grandfather hiked the Appalachian Trail and carved their names into a tree at the end of the 1500 mile hike.

Eli lost his father in a truck accident. Eli survived the accident but knew he would be changed forever when he lost his father. After the funeral, his mother gave him an old leather journal that his father had kept. He read it through the night learning more and more about his father and grandfather and their journey on the trail. He wanted to re-create their journey. He packed a bag with dried goods, toilet paper, garbage bags, duct tape, a toothbrush and other misc items he might need. He wrote a note to his mother letting her know he would return in late September or early October. He would carry his phone but only use it in case of an emergency. His adventure had begun.

Eli used the journal as a guide, but it didn't necessarily help him from getting lost.  He met other hikers along the way and stayed in a few shelters, some infested with critters looking for food. Little did he know his mother would worry and seek help to find Eli. Eli would encounter bumps, bruises and rubbed raw skin from his pack and his shoes. He would also encounter a bear and unknown entities in the night. Eli walked and walked. Something kept pushing him forward. He wanted to make his father proud. Out of food, Eli got a ride into town. He discovered the store owner had a poster of a missing kid and it was him. He grabbed the groceries and made his escape. With the need to complete his climb, the ghosts in the night and a man hunt to bring him home, how would he succeed?

Author Cory Wheeler Mimms has created a great book for boys. Adventure, bears and ghost stories are all here. Easy to read and fast paced this very visual guide provides readers with a sense of being there. This great coming of age read will get young readers engaged and intrigued to follow the quest of Eli Sutton.