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Rosalind, Lottie, Amina and Isabella are great friends. They have formed a secret club and they call themselves the Rescue Princesses. They came up with the idea when they learned of Lottie’s older sisters adventures of how she and her friends saved animals that were in terrible danger. While raking leaves the Princesses found a mysterious note that told them to look for a lost book called The Book of Ninja. Along with the note there was a beautiful silver necklace with a locket that held a tiny key. In their search for the book the girls also discovered a new little puppy named Patch. They loved Patch and played fetch with him outside. With their new found friend the girls pieced together a clue to find the book. The clue lead them to the clock tower where they discovered the book. Unfortunately, that was not all they discovered. They heard two men talking and realized they had robbed jewelry from the house. When Patch faced the robbers they took him too. Can Rosalind and the other princesses help catch the dognappers and get the stolen merchandise? 

Author Paula Harrison has created an adorable early reader series that young kids will love. These stories have friendly characters, fun and mysteries to solve. Parents and teachers will approve of these fast little reads.