Educational Review: Smithsonian Sticker Creations Dinosaurs

The Smithsonian has dinosaurs and stickers just for you!

Title: Smithsonian Sticker Creations Dinosaurs
Author:  Ruth Tepper Brown
Illustrations:  Collaboration
Publisher:  Silver Dolphin and Smithsonian
ISBN: 9781626863088


The Smithsonian has put reusable stickers and dinosaurs together in an interactive activity book. Boys and girls will be engaged and entertained for hours.

Young readers will find, in this handy portable kit, a 64 page sticker activity book, over 175 reusable stickers, and a framed play-scene. In the framed play-scene there are 5 deluxe 3-D stickers for even more interactive play and learning. Children will be introduced to giant creatures that wandered the earth millions of years ago.

Young readers will learn about dinosaurs from around the world. Kids are asked to find the stickers in the back of the book and match them to the shapes. The Iguanodon, for example, was a thumb-spiked plant-eater. Similar pages will have a puzzle, quiz and a picture to match stickers with. Interesting fact snippets are here too for quick easy learning. Beautiful photos of lands make it easy for kids to place dinosaur stickers in their make-shift habitats.

Surprisingly there is plenty to do and keep young learners busy for hours. Parents and teachers will love the glossary in the back of the book and how realistic the stickers look. This is a great tool for any home or classroom.

Courtesy of Media Masters Publicity