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Tag Along
Tom Ryan
BIBLIO:2013, Orca Book Publishers, Ages 12 to 18, $12.95.
REVIEWER:Kristi Bernard
FORMAT: Young Adult
ISBN: 9781459802971

Four students who don't know each other will connect, not on purpose, on Prom night. It has finally arrived. Andrea isn't impressed with the excitement that surrounds Prom night. She only plans to go because she thinks that's what she's supposed to do. Her friend Bethanne convinced her to “make a move” on her long time crush Justin Sanchez. Unfortunately, Andrea won't be going to prom. Her mom found a bottle of alcohol hidden in her closet and now she is grounded. Being grounded didn't stop her. She put on a hoodie and hopped out her bedroom window. Paul, on the other hand, has his buds to hang out with. A girl he thinks is beautiful is on his radar. Eventually, he meets and dates this popular girl named Lannie. Her popularity and love for glamour has her planning every minute of their Prom date. She wants to go all out. It's all she talks about. He goes along with it until the morning of the Prom. He has a very familiar, yet horrible, feeling come over him. It's a panic attack. His mother calls Lannie and Paul knows she will be upset. The stress of the Prom has triggered his attack. Later that night and after sleeping all day he feels good enough to eat and then borrow the family truck. He is out for an adventure. Candace, is a loner and artist who lives with her grandma and a dad who's depressed and drinks. They are somewhat loving and caring but she needs to get out of the house. She is looking for a perfect spot to create some awesome graffiti. Roemi is gay. His date for the Prom is a no-call no-show. At Prom, he planned to make a big splash and win the crown. Still in his tux, not wanting to change, he heads out of the house but not to Prom. He couldn't face it alone. Later that night these four strangers randomly meet and form a sort of kinship through unusual circumstances. How will they pass the time on Prom night without getting caught?

Author Tom Ryan has created a story that young readers will connect with. This fast paced read has humor, suspense and a familiar vibe of teen emotion. This tale does not really have a coming of age vibe, but is more about friendships. Readers, teachers and parents will enjoy this story alone or as a group read along.