Caught Between Two Curses Book Review

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Title: Caught Between Two Curses
Author: Margo L. Dill
Illustrations: Shannon Yarbrough
Publisher:  Rocking Horse Publishing
ISBN:  9780991069569


What do you do when two curses hang over your family?

Julie Nigelson is seventeen and having boyfriend troubles. Gus wants to have sex and she isn’t ready. Unfortunately, he dumps her for someone else. Julie has had other bigger problems in her life. Her parents died when she was younger and she’s been living with her aunt Lizzi and Uncle Henri. When uncle Henri slips into a coma while watching a Cubs game, is when Julie finds out her family is cursed. According to her grandmother it has something to do with the Billy Goat Curse tied to the Chicago Cubs which has prevented them from winning.

Julie is desperately needing to rid her family of the curse but isn’t sure how. She’s also finding that not only is her family inflicted so are the boys she likes and dates. Julie attends some baseball games to see if the answer is there. When Julie discovers her grandmother was given information to break the curse and didn’t, she learns more of her families truths. Can Julie break the curse and will she have to do it alone?

Author Margo Dill has done a great job of weaving a story of family and a real curse into this fast paced read. There is plenty of suspense and mystery to hold a reader’s attention. Parents and teachers can utilize this as a read-a-loud for more engaging interaction with teens.