The Faire Pendant: The Tale of Atterberry

Title: The Tale of Atterberry: The Fairie Pendant
Author: Leah Price
Publisher:  Talebearers Publishing
ISBN:  9780692229439


Glenna’s life has been surrounded by make believe. Her parents have a job in the renaissance fair circuit. One of her favorite performers is a magician named Roger. When Glenna turns eleven she is given a pendant from a mysterious old woman. When Glenna touches it she notices changes in her surroundings. People are changing into fairies and animals start to speak. Glenna’s pendant allows her to travel to Otherworld.

In Otherworld Glenna has a guide, a sprite named Flutter. Each person in the real world has a double in Otherworld. In both worlds Roger has lost his cloak and is unable to perform magic. If not found, it could cost him his job. With a little investigation, Glenna learns the cloak has been stolen and sets out to find the thief.

Author Leah Price has created a fast paced read for any lover of magic, fairies and other worlds. Readers will be engaged with the underlying coming of age story about confidence, the vivid imagery which is inviting and relatable characters.